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Low Cost Primaries Under $100

Great low cost trade-lines to add to your File

Unique Platinum - ($1000.00 limit - $29.95 fee) Reports to ALL 3 Bureaus -

Group One Freedom - - Reports to ALL 3 Bureaus -

Freedom Gold - - Reports to ALL 3 Bureaus -

Merit Platinum - - Reports to ALL 3 Bureaus -

Go to and fill out the application - There is a $25.00 fee - this will report up to two years of rental history on your profile which generates a great score ! Make sure you have someone (Family or friend) that can verify the info for you ! Again this is an EXCELLENT EXCELLENT IDEA for those who want a real fast score ! (*****) and apply for the secured card. It is a small $49.00 to get it ! This is one of the best ways to get that primary line reporting in the next 7-10 days !! (*****) - There is a $99.00 one time fee for a $5000.00 line of credit that reports to all three credit bureaus. - Be sure to use an active email as your $2500.00 approval goes to the email you put in the application - You buy one small thing, less than $20.00 and you get a $2500.00 line of credit that reports. !

Fingerhut may give you a line of credit of $180 or more. You may be required to put down $30. Make sure you don’t use any cards that have your SSN attached to it. They will give you a $1800-$2000 limit They will give you a $2500 limit they will give you a $5000 limit - (*****), they will give you a $3500 limit , not sure of the limit with these people but it's a free Tradeline they have computers , cameras lots of electronics and will approve anyone

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