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BROKERS go to the Brokers Packages for Great Deals !

$275 per file ! $375 if inquiries or negative accounts need to be removed FIRST

Do you need some extra credit or cash?

Are your scores 650 or higher?

If so you can get anywhere between 20k to 40k in 30 to 45 business days or less in credit cards and loans combined !

No back end fees - Just a one time payment of $275.00



What is needed :

Scores on Equifax - Trans Union - Experian of 650 or higher -

If you have more than 10 inquiries - I will first remove some of them before funding is done at no charge.

If you have only AUs on file I will first have to add a department store card before going any further. AUs only will not get you anything. This will be an added 15 business days for the package

Login to a monitoring site to check scores.

If you have a CPN - Credit cards will only be applied for not loans unless you have an ID for your CPN. If you do have an ID then loans will also be applied for. 



ID will be needed for the cash loans included in the funding process.



Name - Address- SSN or CPN - DOB - Employment Info - Phone Number - Mothers Maiden name - Email address -


Start today - Be funded in 30 business days!! 45 if inquiries or negative accounts need to be removed first !

$4500 Chase

$10k Venture

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