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Built Out To The Maximum Package 


60 business days for completion time .. (Means no holidays or weekends)


What you will get :

(THIS does not replace a SSN number at all - This is completely different, this is solely for credit purposes and you are responsible for anything you do with it.)

1. Profile (This includes your personal information that you have given me, along with email address, annual income, rent amount, employment information)

2. Complete tri-merge instructions (Attaching your personal information to the profile) ALL clients must do this now - IPs are tracked too often even with VPNs on. 

3. Skip Trace Report (showing number is clean )

4. Public Records attached to profile ONCE you the client let me know that trimerge has been completed. (Numerous entries to make sure that your profile does not show as a blank file)

5. EIN attached if you choose - (For this you must give your SSN to acquire the EIN number, you must also provide a business type you want listed or a business name) This is not mandatory & this does not merge your file at all - IRS has nothing to do with credit. 

6. On-line Bank account instructions  - All you have to do is fund it ! Which is $100 to start it out ! Comes with ATM card too ! Can fund with a money order ! 

7. 3-6 Primary lines (credit cards) will be added to file which takes a full 30 business days to post to the file - These are permanent lines NOT AUs. (These are not primary lines that are for sale - These are credit cards that are applied for with your information)

8. Pre-Paid card for bill paying. 

9. Credit Monitoring will be set up for your profile THEN. 

10. 12 months of consultation to help you build your file to the fullest that it can be and the proper way !

Once it is ready - I will show you how to get the credit card funding you need & bank loans !

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