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1. Never pay $1000's of dollars for a CPN #. You are just throwing away your money. 

2. Do not fall for those "pre-built" CPN's, it is not possible to create a pre-built CPN with your name attached to it. These pre-built CPNs belong to someone else, NOT YOU. 

3. NEVER fall for the "NOT ISSUED" tactic. ALL CPN numbers must NOT be issued If they are ISSUED it means it belongs to someone. For example - Go to and put your SSN number in - See what that says - BECAUSE it belongs to you !!! It cannot say ISSUED AT ALL! ISSUED MEANS YOU WILL GO TO JAIL FOR IDENTITY THEFT !!!!!

4. Remember the first five numbers of the CPN is crucial, it has to match up with the SSA, if they do not match up, again it will be invalid and flagged . 

5. Never fall for the CPNs with HIGH LIMIT credit cards. This is not possible immediately. You have to build the CPN, just like a SSN credit file. It does not happen immediately. If anyone says it is possible, they are just scamming you. 

6. NEVER pay upfront money for funding. NEVER. If they ask for upfront money, it is a scam, all legit funders will ask for the fee on the back-end once funding has been received. 

7. Trade-lines - NEVER pay anyone for trade-lines that ask for money pak, money gram, or western union. Be sure that they are legit, you get references, proof of satisfied customers, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. 98% of ALL people out there offering lines are SCAMMERS.. Be for-warned. 

8. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is!

9. NEVER assume that it is OK to use anyone else's SSN number as a CPN #, whether alive or dead it is 100% ILLEGAL and considered FRAUD!

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