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Enhancement Services


All lines appear within 60 days, most post within 30, and some post sooner. Honestly depends on the credit bureaus after you are added. Trade-lines stay on file permanently. If the line does not appear within the 60 day period listed above, we will issue a replacement. If the REPLACEMENT line does not post within its time period then we will issue you a credit.  You as the client and/or broker are responsible for the accuracy of information you submit to us.


Being one digit off on a SSN or date of birth, or spelling a name incorrectly will cause a trade-line not to post properly. We DO NOT replace lines when you submit inaccurate information so please double check your info. If you submit incorrect or inaccurate information, you would need to re-purchase the line again if the order was already processed. 

It is the client’s responsibility to open their own credit monitoring service. It is not our job to open your credit monitoring service. We highly recommend Credit Check Total because it provides quicker updates, more accurate information, and sends alerts in real time that the free services do not send. Note that we do not accept Credit Karma or any free credit monitoring site as proof of non-posting. This is industry standard. More information on our trusted credit monitoring sites as proof of non-posting are listed below.

Trade-lines are  PERMANENT. After the 30th business day after the upload date, if the line has not posted, please submit a Support Ticket to inform us. We will investigate. If you don’t submit a ticket, then we DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT. In order to investigate trade-lines that have not posted, we will need you to accurately fill out all information on your order form. You must provide a valid login ID and password from one of our trusted credit monitoring sites (we will only accept : After 20 business days, if you have not emailed us we will assume that the line has posted and the transaction has successfully completed. 

In the event of a trade line getting shut down, or a line becoming unavailable or sold out, we will select an equivalent or better trade line and move you to it. This may be without notice. Changes happen so frequently that we are unable to notify every client of every change. 

A note about Fraud Alerts & Freezes : If have a Fraud Alert or Freeze on credit report, you MUST remove it in order for your trade-line to report properly. ANY AND ALL FRAUD or FREEZE ALERTS MUST BE REMOVED BY YOU. If you do not, you will run into posting issues that we will not accommodate for. In order to remove a Fraud Alert, you must call each credit bureau and remove it. You are welcome to put the fraud or freeze alert back on your file once your trade-line posting in complete. 

Credit Restoration Refunds -

Refunds for credit restoration will not be considered until after the 60 business day mark. If you are not satisfied with the work done on your file within 60 business days a refund or a credit of services will be considered based on a client basis only. 

Other packages listed on the site also have a specific time frame for completion. If you have passed the time frame and you are not satisfied, a refund or a credit of services will be considered based on a client basis only. A refund will not be issued if instructions were not followed. 

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