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Equifax, Trans Union & Experian

Sweeps for $175.00


Equifax, Trans Union & Experian Sweep !

Please sign up for 



THIS IS NOT ID THEFT, no police report needed 

Permanent and LEGAL ! 

I am not going to tell you that I have talked to lawyers, or anyone else regarding repair - This has been years worth of trial & error ! Plain and simple. I use a software ONLY for organization & nothing else. 


You will begin to see results within the first 3 weeks after the program has started. Not before. Your score will fluctuate up and down, please pay no mind to it. It is a normal process. 



Late Pays

Public Record

Student Loans

Child Support



Out-dated addresses & names


Inquiries that are on the file that you do NOT have an account for can be and will be removed. These are submitted to creditor separately.


Must have any credit monitoring that shows all three bureaus. 


Removes negatives from your Equifax, Trans Union & Experian report - Including public records ! 

Please sign up for 

YOU MUST have this to sign up for access to your 

three bureau report


Send : Name - address- SSN - DOB - Login to monitoring site!


Copy of ID & Piece of Mail or SSN ! No Exceptions

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