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35-40 Business Days Only (No holidays or weekends)

The Ultimate CPN - $150.00


 Takes up to 40 business days to complete entire process.
Two Un-Secured credit cards - Minimal limits, but great for generating a score to obtain more cards with better limits. (This will be applied for 3-4 weeks after profile has been trimerged & public records attached)
Instructions to list yourself in the 411 Directory. (Unfortunately, I cannot do this part since the code goes to the phone that is registered).
EIN for business purposes attached to the CPN profile - You will get TWO different numbers. CPN & an EIN .. Detailed Instructions on how to build business credit. You will receive the following PDFs -(Business Credit Guru, Credit Card Lender List, Business Credit Information Packet, & Short Cuts to Money Secrets)
Public records attached to the CPN profile to make sure when your information is pulled that it is not a blank file. This is why some get flagged. Public records is essential to building a strong profile.
Once the two cards post to the credit file - You will be able to build your file by adding department store cards, gas cards, Care Credit, and other un-secured credit cards. Be advised that you need to apply for the department store cards to have a strong profile for un-secured cards.
Once you have at least 4-5 cards on your profile, you will be able to use your CPN as the guarantor for the business credit (Using your EIN). The first place to apply for with business credit will be Staples (this starts off your file). Once that is recorded, you will be able to get business lines of credit.

What is needed :
Address (NOT associated to current SSN credit file)
Phone (NOT associated to current SSN credit file)
Date of Birth
Email Address
SSN Number for the EIN application





  • Get 15 Files for $350.00

  • That is 15 completely different people. 

  • 15 clients receive the same as one client. 

  • Not all 15 have to be sent at one time. 

  • Profile sent back within 24-48 hours

  • Profile total completion 30 days from tri-merge.


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