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Please be advised that all brokers must fill out forms for each one of their customers - This includes all CPN packages - Credit Repair - Trade-Lines and Funding packages ! When filling these out for your clients, be sure to put your email address on the form so that the form and information is sent back to you as the broker. If no it will go directly to the email listed on the form !


All orders have been sent out - If you have not received yours, please check your spam. The orders will be coming from - Be sure to add it to your WHITELIST so it does not go to spam !



All repair/sweep updates will be going out from today through Sunday ! Please keep an eye out in your One Hub for the updates - If you do not have your One Hub folder, please contact me immediately to resend you the link to activate it ! Thank you !



Please again make sure that you always fill out the forms for your clients for any packages you are getting - Make sure you always put your broker email in where it asks so that the information is sent to you and not your client. Thank you!



If at anytime I am out of office I will place a notice here and in the BLOG

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