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UPDATES 08/27/2020

Anyone that was affected by the hurricane, I hope you and yours are safe & sound !

PROFILE ORDERS ARE GOING OUT FRIDAY & SATURDAY -- There had been a small delay in sending them out this week, my apologies for that - All will be sent out tomorrow & Saturday 100% ! Thank you !

PROFILE PACKAGES - UPDATES ON ANY PACKAGES will be sent out SATURDAY, SUNDAY & MONDAY... Please be sure that you have done your OPTIN and 411 LIST YOURSELF if you have not already !! Thank you !

CREDIT REPAIR -- ALL REPAIRS WILL BE UPDATED SATURDAY, SUNDAY & MONDAY! ALL UPDATES WILL BE GOING IN YOUR ONE HUB FOLDER !! Please be sure to keep an eye out in your emails for the notifications. IF you have not signed up for the monitoring I have requested, please do so immediately. Its

TRADE-LINES - IF YOU HAVE A FRAUD ALERT or a FREEZE ON your report after your line has been uploaded and it causes delays, I will begin removing files from the batches until your fraud alert or freezes are removed and they will be re-submitted on the next upload date. I cannot have delays due to this issue. I would appreciate everyone see if you have one on yours and if so, remove it ASAP!

If you need me at anytime, please feel free to contact me..

Chat on the website

Text - 470-497-9958 - BE SURE TO state who you are and your email. I have many clients and cannot recall each one daily.

Thanks everyone.. ENJOY your week

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