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Orders, Updates & Pre Memorial Day Sales.

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend !!

Any profile orders or profile numbers will be going out TODAY, May 16th, 2022... If you have not received your order by 5pm EST please send me a text immediately with your EMAIL ADDRESS AND NAME ON PROFILE that you have not received.. 470-330-7359

Credit restoration updates are going out all week, and will be available in your ONE HUB FOLDER. Anyone who has NOT signed up for must do so ASAP to get the most benefits out of the credit restoration process. If you have NOT signed up, please do so immediately, and email me your USERNAME & PASSWORD to . THANK YOU !

Business Credit Updates are also going out all week and will be updated in your ONE HUB FOLDER. Please be sure to check your email for the alerts from one hub. Thank you.


Contact me at 470-330-7359 for all applications

Credit card payments can be made using Venmo (@Jeannemarie-Lempereur)

Apple Pay - Zelle Pay or Cash App can all be used as well.

Bulk CPNs will be $1.00 per number NON-Trimerged (comes with Instructions)

50 for $50

75 for $75

100 for $100


Bulk Trimerged CPNs - NOT to be used all at once. (once received these are ready to be built)

25 for $50

50 for $75

75 for $100

100 for $125

Best Option CPN - Personal & Business CPN - Built to the Max CPN package

All $75 during this sale -- Each package can be located on my site for details.

Removal from Chex Systems & Early Warning. (Takes up to 30 business days)

$50 per client for both agencies. !

Credit Restoration (Takes up to 60 business days to completion, but you will see movement in two to three weeks from starting)

$50 per client for all three bureaus. Clients MUST sign up with NO exceptions at all.

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