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You will be given access to the following PDFs to download or print for a one time free of $100.00

  1. 80 Free Places To Post Business Ads

  2. 101 Secrets to Boost Your Credit Score

  3. Become a Trade-line Expert

  4. Best Prepaid Debit Cards

  5. Birth Certificate is a Trust

  6. Business Credit 2009

  7. Business Credit Guru

  8. Cards That Pull Trans Union

  9. Cards That Pull Experian

  10. Cards That Pull Equifax

  11. Comenity Bank Store Credit Cards

  12. Constructive Notice Disclosure - Used to open a bank account without and SSN number

  13. CPN Credit Secrets

  14. Credit Card Lending List

  15. Credit Inquiry Approvals List

  16. Credit Repair Tool Kit

  17. Credit Score Zoom

  18. Easy Trade-lines to Post to your Credit File

  19. Free Phones to use for SCN profiles

  20. How to Buy a House With Little or NO Money Down

  21. How to Create Corporate Credit

  22. How to Get Out of Chex Systems

  23. How to Get Unlimited Business Financing With Out a Personal Guarantee

  24. How to Register Your SCN with IRS for your NEW EIN

  25. Increase Your Credit Score

  26. Inquiry Removal - Rapid Response

  27. No Chex Systems and Second Chance Banks

  28. Places to Validate your SCN

  29. Money Secrets

  30. Small Business On-line Marketing Guide

  31. The BEST and WORST Secured Credit Cards

  32. The Dealers Secret

  33. The Ultimate Credit Reports Loophole

  34. UCC Filings - HOW TO !

And about 10 more !!

$1000s of dollars worth of information for very little !

Zellepay -

( or CashApp ($ForWorkOnly)

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