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Increase your FICO® Score* Instantly For FREE - EXPERIAN BOOST !

  • New credit scores take effect immediately

  • Get credit for utility bills you're already paying

  • Get your FICO® Score for free

How it works

Experian Boost helps by giving you extra credit for the utility and mobile phone bills you're already paying. Until now, those payments did not positively impact your score.

1 Connect the bank account(s) you use to pay your bills. Your information remains private.

2 Choose and verify the positive payment history you want added to your credit file.

3 See your boost results instantly.

How is Experian Boost different?

Experian Boost is completely free and can increase your credit scores fast by using your own positive payment history. It can also help those with poor or limited credit. Other services such as credit repair may cost you thousands of dollars and only help remove inaccuracies from your credit report.

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