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What you cannot do with a Credit Profile Number

I have been asked this over and over in the past years, and my answer is, and will always be the same thing.

These are the things you cannot do with a CPN

1. You cannot call it your SSN NUMBER, because it is NOT -

2. You cannot use it for employment purposes.

3. You cannot buy a home with a credit profile number.

4. You cannot pay or file taxes with a credit profile numbers.

5. You cannot secure any government loan with a credit profile number.

6. You cannot obtain an SSN CARD with a Credit Profile Number.

7. You cannot say its your SSN when asked, it is a credit profile number.

8. You cannot have more than one credit profile numbers.

9. You cannot use someone else's name or dob for a credit profile number.

10. You cannot join the military with a credit profile number.

These rules do NOT change EVER - There will not be anytime in any future where these rules will change. So please remember that.

Also remember - Whatever you acquire with your credit profile number is completely your responsibility - It is NOT a free ride.

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