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Hope everyone is staying home & staying safe ! Positive thoughts through this surreal time !

Updates have been going out through One Hub - I do not send updates through email or text, updates are given only through One Hub if you have gotten services. If you do not have One Hub, again, send me an email and I will get it to you within 48 hours from the time I have responded to the email !

Credit Repair - Please make sure that any credit monitoring logins you have given me are correct ! If you send me monitoring or Credit Check Total, please be sure to send me the secret answer and four digit pin number as well. I cannot access your report without it !

Make sure that you give some extra days for your services as well. Many businesses are slower due to minimal employees or, are working from home with their children all day. This means banks, credit agencies, and many others. With minimal employees, getting a response same day has been difficult ! So please remember to add a few extra days to all services. Thank you !

CPN Packages - I've said this plenty of times, and will say it again. ALL CPN packages or orders for CPNs must fill out an SCN FORM for orders. Please do not send me an email or text with clients information in them. When you do, sometimes I do not see them ! With the forms I can see ALL clients information at anytime. This is the fastest way to get your orders back to you ! Also please make sure your clients information is not attached to their SSN file. If this happens, I will not redo it at no charge. Its double the work when someone does not follow instructions!

The Buy One Get One Free is on until midnight tonight ! No exceptions !

New combined packages coming out today !

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