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Business Credit Package just $250 ENDS IN 6 hours !

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

What you need to get STARTED

Business Credit Package - $375.00

Get between 100k to $200k in 45 Business Days or Less !

Payment is through - VENMO- Apple Pay or Zelle ( Please text me if you wish to get started TODAY) 470-330-7359

​You must have your tax ID/EIN number before trying to acquiring credit.-- IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN EIN - I WILL OBTAIN ONE FOR YOU !

If you have an EIN I will open up a Duns and Bradstreet account for you ! If you already have one, I will activate the credit signal to view your business credit file.

What you will get with this package in 45 BUSINESS DAYS or LESS !

In the first 30 days you will start off with 6 "building creditors" ! This will first start your file and create your PAYDEX SCORE !

Paydex is a term used by Dun and Bradstreet, for a numerical score granted to businesses as a credit score for the promptness of their payments to creditors. The Paydex score is used for commercial organizations in a manner similar to the way the FICO score is used for individuals.

Once this has been established the next step begins !

You can receive up to 20 NO PG (Personal Guarantor) Credit Cards within the next 45 business days after the PAYDEX score has been established !

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Ava Chosen
Ava Chosen
2022년 9월 10일

Has anyone actually used the business credit package? If so can anyone post the results?

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