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NEWSLETTER - January 6th 2018



It's New YEAR ! 2018 ! Can you believe it !

This year will be great if we make it great !

Just want to go over a few things, and Ill let you all get back to family and work !

1. Orders NOT received - If I have not fulfilled an order of yours or a brokers order. Please contact me immediately so I can do so. Unfortunately, there are times when some orders fall through the cracks unitentionally. The only thing I can do is apologize for it, and make sure it does not happen again ! If anyone has an order that has not been completed. Please contact me so that I may get this taken care of.

2. Outstanding orders - There should be no outstanding orders at this moment. I have gotten caught up on all profiles orders that have been submitted up until Thursday ! Anything sent after that will be sent out tonight and tomorrow (Saturday & Sunday) - If you sent an order prior to Thursday and you have NOT received it. Emaill me immediately to get it to you today !

3. Credit Repair - Once a repair is submitted - it is 30 days for an update to occur ! I wish it was sooner, but there is no way around that. If your login is not working, I cannot and I mean cannot update you . If you received dispute results in the USPS MAIL - I Need to see them ! Im asking EVERYONE who has repair going on to sign up for PrivacyGuard. Its $1 for 14 days. If you sent it to me, you can cancel it in 7 days ! Just need it for a week ! Please - If you cannot, then just let me know ! Im just trying to make the process more efficient for everyone. ALSO from now on. BROKERS NEED to send me EMAIL ADDRESSES of their clients that THEY (BROKERS) can access. This will make the repair process much easier for everyone !

4. MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS -- I will be removing the password from the Members Only page. It will be available to all starting next week !

5. Blog posts will be updated weekly, time permitted !

6. Emailing - I am one of the most easiest people to deal with. I will not argue back with you, I will not harass you, and I will never be rude to any business or person I deal with no matter what. In return I expect the same from those who contact me. If you want to be rude, I will not respond to your email. Soudns harsh, but I see no need for rudeness at all. I will always make sure to take care of my clients, even years down the line from now. Please remember that when emailing me.

7. Time Frames - Time frames are put out there for specific reasons. When I say 30 business days for example, it does not mean 15. I advise ALL clients to always add and extra 15 business days to ANY PACKAGE NO MATTER WHAT. That way if there are delays, which in all honesty there can be.. Im not a machine, it happens, that all parties are satisfied.

8. SUGGESTIONS - If you have any, by all means let me know - I am not one to turn away from a good suggestion !

9. YAHOO, AOL and emails with their own server. MAKE SURE YOU ALLOW MY EMAILS or they will go to spam or I will not get them !! Lots of emails are being returned from these email addresses !! If I dont respond in a day - RESEND THE EMAIL from a different email and let me know what email you were using previously, please & thank you !

10. RESPONSE TIMES - MY response time CAN BE up to 24 - 48 hours. Does not mean it will be - BUT IT CAN BE.. So please before you start sending 20 emails. Let me get to the first one first !!

And that is it ! (I think that was enough)

I thank all of you for your wonderful business - I wish all of you a prosperous New Year - May you and your families be healthy and happy through- out the year !


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